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This page is intended to be a resource for those of you that would like to go out and see some of the places I have been to.  Many of my photos have geotag information, which essentially means the photo has been placed on a map of Tennessee and other nearby states!   Each of the links below will take you to a Google map with embedded geotag information shown as a flag to help you find these locations. While the focus of this website is things in Middle Tennessee, locations for other nearby states have been added to these maps, as well! 


Neon and other interesting Signs    Motels and Hotels

County Courthouses    Train Depots, Passenger and Freight Stations

Church Buildings    Mansions and Homes

Bridges    Waterfalls of Tennessee

Listings on the National Register of Historic Places    Advertising Barns

The Map that makes up the background image on this page was taken from the Official Tennessee Department of Highways tourism map of 1968.